Osteo4kids&adults Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clinic Protocol

At Osteo4kidsandadults clinic we are open for business and still super busy treating patients.


Our primary focus is the health, safety and well being of all our staff and our patients and with this in mind we want to keep you updated with some information about our health and safety practices & protocols that we in place.



1a. Our staff are working staggered hours (social distancing measure).

1. If you have or suspect you have covid 19 symptoms (fever, sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath) and have traveled internationally in the last 28 days or been exposed to someone who travelled interstate/ internationally in last 28 days /  or may have covid 19 or live in a locked down post code PLEASE call us and reschedule your appointment to a later date.

We strongly advise you also contact the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 or your GP for advice.

2. All patients entering the clinic you will have to wash hands in bathroom or with antibacterial gel. Due to social distancing we can only except ONE patient and ONE carer in the room at the time. 

3. Patients are to go into waiting room where seating is spaced to align with social distancing recommendations.  We have minimal seats for patients in this area, as we want your practitioners will take you straight into the treatment room.


4. We have reduced seating in the waiting area so we suggest if it's practical to call reception when you arrive in the car park. The receptionist or practitioner can call you to come into the clinic when the last patient has left to avoid unnecessary waiting.

4a. After each appointment we do a full disinfect and clean of all surfaces, desks, chairs, door handles, hicaps machines, pens, remove all linen from previous patient and clean and disinfect table.

4b. We wash our hands thoroughly before & after each patient and some practitioners will treat you with gloves on.


5. All practitioners and staff are adhering to Department of Health guidelines.

6. You will be asked some questions about COVID assessment and your temperature taken on arrival. If it is over 37.5 you will be asked to exit the clinic and reschedule the appointment

7. We ask that if possible all nappy changing to be completed in the back of your car, no nappy change table is available at the moment to reduce cross contamination.


8. No food is to be brought into the clinic. Byo water bottles please.

9. If you need to contact your practitioners, to respond to any questions you have about your musculoskeletal wellness please feel free to contact us using the form below or osteo4kidsandadults@gmail.com



We greatly appreciate your patience with this process and your support during this time.



We recognise that this is a challenging time for everyone, and with this in mind we will not be applying 24 hr cancellation fees during this period.

To reiterate, our primary focus is the health,safety and well being of all our staff and our patients at 466 Plenty Road, Preston. We look forward to continuing to meet your allied health needs in this time. 


Further information

For more information follow the link below:


Social Distancing and Isolation Guides for download below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our staff on 03 9478 4237.

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