In the adult population, we provide a speech pathology service for clients with:

  • Voice issues resulting from vocal fatigue, muscle tension, nodules, polyps, vocal fold paresis, psychogenic disorders, physical changes resulting from ageing and chronic cough management

  • Communication and swallowing issues resulting from stroke and brain injury

  • Stutter and teaching smooth speech techniques

  • Accent modification for ESL speakers


In the paediatric population, we provide a speech pathology service for clients with:

  • Speech issues as a result of delays and disorders, including speech sound errors, difficulty producing speech sounds and difficulty coordinating the actions required to speak clearly enough to be easily understood by others

  • Language issues and difficulty understanding what others say as well as the ability to formulate sentences and clearly express themselves to others

  • Listening and learning issues earning resulting from difficulty in processing verbal messages, especially in the presence of background noise

  • Reading and spelling for children who are continuing to struggle to learn despite good teaching

  • Stutter assessment and intervention, including the Lidcombe program.

  • Voice therapy for children with voice disorders.


Eva is a member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPAA), SPELD, Australian Voice Association (AVA), the Laryngology Society of Australasia (LSA) and Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS). 


Eva Butcher

Speech Pathologist


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Along with her Masters Degree in Speech Pathology, Eva also holds a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Anatomy, an 8th grade in classical singing (AMEB), and is currently enjoying being a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus (MSO)!

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